Onomatopee was set up by the wish to produce a critical environment. To complement the experience of exhibitions, Onomatopee reflected by publishing. Locally based, Onomatopee became an international trans-disciplinary platform for visual criticality in the experience economy: a safe haven for critical thought and a refuge to poetic experience.

In this presentation Freek will speak about the motivating force connecting exhibiting and publishing that feeds into the organization at large, then move towards the mobilization of energetic perspectives of various involved professionals, proceed to speak of balancing idealism and the check of reality and some related aspects.

Freek Lomme is a mediator, debater, lecturer and catalyst in cultural positions based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He is director (and co-founder) of Onomatopee: an exhibition space and publisher and is a curator, writer, editor, lecturer and moderator for diverse commissioners. In collaboration with Form/Design Center.

Onomatopee playfully frames and manifests progressive capacity to design culture. At Onomatopee, architects, urban planners, graphic and spatial designers, cultural critics, marketers, artists, politicians and others willing to engage with the meaningfulness of designed culture, get together, within a constructive sphere of nurturing, cultural citizenship, to negotiate and establish our cultural future via design’s playful, political practice. Each project consists of an exhibition, which allows our experience to become durable, and a publication that gives context to our imaginations. Projects expand upon both real-time cases and abstract thought. Onomatopee has three modes of production. 1. The Research Projects – self-initiated and self-produced – constitute Onomatopee’s core. These projects establish a public sphere of negotiation relating to our daily surroundings. 2. NEST Projects – initiated by Onomatopee on a project basis – thematically show and frame new, young and local art and design talents. 3. Cabinet Projects – collaborations, both artistically as well as in terms of production – with other institutions or individuals who share our passion to playfully enact design’s criticality.

Iaspis International Visiting Expert Programme for Applied Arts
Freek Lomme is invited to Sweden as part of the International Visiting Expert Programme for Applied Arts by Iaspis, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Programme for Applied and Visual Artists. Lomme will meet professionals in the fields of design, crafts, fashion and architecture during his visit in Malmö November 23-26, and Stockholm November 26-29, 2016.

The lecture will be held in English.

PLATS: Form/Design Center
ARRANGÖR: IASPIS Konstnärsnämnden. I samarbete med Form/Design Center.
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