Welcome to a lecture with Donatella Cusmá
Architect, partner at Claret-Cup, Los Angeles
Adjunct, Woodbury University School of Architecture, Los Angeles
Research, Institute of Experimental Architecture

Expanding the bounds of what might be called an architectural practice, Donatella Cusmá  seeks zones of experimentation where architecture is personal, emotional and appropriate. Her office Claret-Cup, a collaborative with arch. Bojána Bányász is an attempt at finding opportunities for design by considering alternatives to the usual job description of the architect as simply a procurer of fine edifices. Within the Research Institute of Experimental Architecture (R.I.E.A.), Donatella Cusmá promotes architectural design through workshops, symposia and printed publications often dealing with areas of conflict and borders. She is hooked on workshops: creating in collaboration with others while simultaneously learning and teaching about a place, an art form or a specific creative process.

Donatella Cusmá is a practicing architect and an educator. She graduated Summa cum laude from Universitá Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria. She holds a MArch and a post-grad diploma in Architecture in Developing Countries from Polytechnic of Turin. After practicing architecture in Italy, Donatella moved to Los Angeles working for Tracy Stone Architect AIA, a firm with expertise in sustainable design.

The lecture will be held in English.

TID: Tisdag/Tuesday 29.09.15 kl 17-20
Form/Design Center
Ingen kostnad/Free of charge
ARRANGÖR: The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU
Research programme Future Urban Sustainable Environment FUSE
Department of landscape architecture, planning, and management.
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