In the summer of 2012 a unique park – the grounds of Gottorp Manor on the outskirts of Malmö – was destroyed. Threatened on one side by the residential expansion of Bunkeflo, and by the development of the ring road on the other, the manor park was a victim of “progress”. One of the trees in the park was a rare giant copper beech that local children had climbed for generations. What did the people of Malmö lose when the park was destroyed? What does a tree cost? What is it Worth?

The FUSE ÖRESUND TALK How much for a tree? elaborates on the value of a tree, referring to economic calculations, urban planning procedures, and people’s memories, wishes, and value systems. It also refers to an exhibition of the same name, currently shown at Dunkers Kulturhus Helsingborg and at Kulturhuset Stockholm.

The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion with:
Monika Gora, artist, landscape architect, GORA art&landscape
Gunilla Bandolin, artist, professor, Konstfack
Maria Hellström, professor of design theory, Malmö University
Kolbjörn Guwallius, journalist, author, photographer, Malmö
Tim Schnoor, environmental strategist, City of Lomma
Discussion chair: Lisa Diedrich, professor of landscape architecture, SLU

Drinks and snacks after the discussion.
The lecture will be held in English.

TID: Tisdag/Tuesday 21.04 kl. 17-20
Form/Design Center
Ingen kostnad/Free of charge
The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU
Research programme Future Urban Sustainable Environment FUSE
Department of landscape architecture, planning, and management