The Copenhagen based prizewinning architectural practice Nord Architects has since 2003 been pushing the limits of functionality and design of public architecture. Established during the former crises in the building industry in the early 00's and growing steadily through the latest - Nord Architects has evolved from the premise that we need to be smart about how we invest in the built environment.

Jacob Blak, Architect at Nord Architects, will this evening talk about projects from the past 12 years of service including experiences designing in a Nordic context from new forms of welfare institutions, education and healthcare, the democratic need for user involvement to smarter use of public space, farming, fishing and other Nordic natural resources that have helped shape the society we live in.

Today Nord Architects is employing about 20 socially engaged people and will in 2015 be involved in the realization of a number of buildings in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

TID: Torsdag 12.03 kl 18-21 (lättare förtäring från 17:30)
PLATS: Form/Design Center
ARRANGÖR: Sveriges Arkitekter Skåne