SPOK is a production platform that aims to gather and spread knowledge about local manufacturing possibilities ranging from handicrafts to industries. SPOK aims to promote the development of local production in Sweden and in the long term also more-local consumption. SPOK was founded and developed by Jenny Nordberg, who is also its creative leader.

SPOK wants to work for the development of local production throughout Sweden and, by extension, more local consumption. We know that the way we produce and consume today is not sustainable. By going from global to local manufacturing and strengthening the conditions for a geographically close production and consumption, we see the platform as part of a long-term sustainable development that in a smarter and healthier way relates to climate and environment.

Feel free to contact us if you are a manufacturer and want to be listed on SPOK or if you have tips about manufacturers who should be included. We are also interested to hear from you if you have tips or ideas on how SPOK can be developed. SPOK is a living platform that is continuously shaped and expanded together with its users. SPOK is founded and developed by Jenny Nordberg who is also a creative leader. The initiative was launched in February 2016 in Skåne. SPOK has been implemented with the support of Region Skåne, Malmö Stad, Länsstyrelsen Skåne and Tillväxtverket. SPOK Sweden has its starting point from Form/Design Center which is the principal for the project with Anna Gudmundsdottir as project manager.re.



SPOK was launched in Skåne in February 2016. Since then, more than 120 manufacturing companies in Skåne have been listed on the platform and most projects have been completed, including study trips, speed dating, exhibitions, seminars, souvenir collection and material collection. Until 2020, SPOK had Skåne as its starting point, but as interest in SPOK increased and more regions, counties and municipalities showed interest in implementing the platform, SPOK was given the opportunity to scale up the platform geographically with the goal of including the whole of Sweden via funds from the Tillväxtverket. SPOK Skåne and SPOK Sweden are run with Form/Design Center as principal. Anna Gudmundsdottir is the project manager and has worked with SPOK since the project was launched. SPOK is founded and developed by Jenny Nordberg who is also a creative leader. The initiative has been implemented with the support of Region Skåne, Malmö Stad and Länsstyrelsen Skåne.


In October 2020, SPOK Västra Götaland was started. We are part of the national network and this digital platform. But we start from what we have in our region. Local manufacturers, local experts, materials from Västra Götaland, people and collaborations from the region. SPOK Västra Götaland is run by Dacapo Mariestad/Artifex and Svensk Form Väst in collaboration with Förvaltningen för kulturutveckling. The main financier is the Västra Götaland region. Läs mer ››


In the spring of 2021, the Blekinge Region will launch the SPOK (contemporary production and consumption) concept in Blekinge. SPOK is a concept from Skåne developed by Form/Design Center that promotes locally produced art and manufacturing. SPOK Blekinge is run by Region Blekinge in collaboration with Techtank. Läs mer ››


Halland is a region full of opportunities. The region is characterized by its proximity to the sea but also its agricultural landscapes and forests. In Halland there is a long history of crafts, entrepreneurship and trade. SPOK highlights the width of local manufacturers, sustainable materials and expertise in the region. The SPOK concept will be launched in Halland in the spring of 2021 and is run by the Halland Region in collaboration with Falkenberg Municipality through the Rian Design Museum. The main financier is Region Halland. Läs mer ››  


Anna Gudmundsdottir, project manager Form/Design Center Tel: 0704-61 12 58 anna@formdesigncenter.com