A masma or messma is a traditional Sami storage bag that is perfect for your sewing knick-knacks. Sew it in rough homespun cloth and broadcloth and decorate it with what you have in your sewing cupboard – lace, buttons, beads and sequins.

Maja Satz, a former student and guest instructor at the Sätergläntan institute for handicrafts in Dalarna, will give the workshop together with friends from the City of Malmö Handicraft Association.

The workshop is designed primarily for people aged between 18 and 30 who are interested in Sätergläntan’s courses in metalworking, sewing, woodworking and weaving. The workshop is free and includes materials and coffee/tea.

Gunilla Tegen will talk about the Sätergläntan institute while we are taking a coffee break and getting to know one another. Find out more about Sätergläntan courses at: http://www.saterglantan.com/utbildningar/slojd-hantverk-form-kultur-1-3-ar/

PLACE: Form/Design Center
ORGANISER: Sätergläntan + the City of Malmö Handicraft Association
ADMISSION: No admission
Places are limited. Register with Gunilla Tegen, info@saterglantan.se, tel. 0247-362 337.