At Form/Design Center they show the cabinet Dear disaster, the mouth blown glass lamps Minor Flaws and two ceramic collections; Milky way and Biophilia that are produced in collaboration with Swedish and Vietnamese craftsmen.

Stoft means Dust.
Dust – as in millions of small particles, constantly moving and re-arranging into new and surprising constellations.

Drawn together by a common fascination for how things move, sound and feel, their work builds on their very different but complementary approaches towards design were focus lays on the emotional, visual and physical interaction with objects.

A driving force behind Stofts creative process is to find a balance between poetic design and industrial manufacturing. By exploring alternative ways of production with an experimental research phase in the development process they seek to transform and challenge the function- and price-oriented view of today and contribute to a more progressive design field.

Stoft’s studio work are produced in unique one-offs, limited editions or in larger batches, by themselves or in collaboration with skilled craftsmen and producers.

Studio/showroom: Nobelvägen 90, Malmö