Olle Eksell (1918–2007) is an icon of Swedish advertising history. His illustrations vary from the crazily fantastic to the geometrically abstract. He participated in a number of international exhibitions, including at the Modern Museum of Art in New York and the Louvre in Paris. Here at Form/Design Center he was presented in a solo exhibition in 1999. The poster for that exhibition – with the famous Mazetti eyes – has been a classic ever since and is now found in many homes.

Olle Eksell was not only a designer but also a visionary writer. In the book Design = Ekonomi from 1964 he perceptively explains how design and the economy are interlinked. “Good design is not only aesthetics – it is also good economics. Good design is not only fun – it is deadly serious.”

We now present a selection of products based on Olle’s illustrations. They include tea towels from Almedahls, blankets and pillowcases from Klippans yllefabrik and posters from his abundant production.