“In the liberal understanding, the poem is a solitary place. Which strategies have existed in the attempt to go beyond individualism and towards solidarity and collectiveness through and with poetry?

It is now clear that fascism has again made use of culture, with discourses about aesthetics and freedom of speech, to advance in Europe. It is an urgent task for us to discover resistance strategies in the writing process. The struggle over the poem – over what is beautiful – will be fundamental to the struggle over what type of society we want to live in. De-identifying language from the self can be one of many strategies. We learn from our mistakes, from those who have written before us, and from each other.”


N15 – Queer strategies for art production is a lecture series initiated by Konstitutet and curated by Ellen Suneson and Julia Björnberg. The series is divided into five chapters, each consisting of three lectures by invited Swedish and international artists and theoreticians. The aim is to create awareness, inspiration and knowledge about norm-critical issues and to spark an ongoing debate about these issues in the local art scene.

PLACE: Form/Design Center
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