September 24th-26th, the annual event is converted into a gallery weekend. Discover Malmö's multifaceted art scene, with a mix of galleries, art institutions and temporary artist-driven initiatives. Malmö Gallery Night is arranged by Konstfrämjandet Skåne.

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Opening hours during Malmö Gallery Week:

Fri 24 Sep 11–22

Sat 25 Sep 11–17

Sun 26 Sep 12–16

Exhibitions during the Gallery Weekend


Architecture critics from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark write critiques of fictional works of architecture. The critical reflection departures in the critics’ own dreams and imagination. The written critiques are handed over to six designers from the three countries who generate form through model and drawing based on the critique. The written critique and the graphic and spatial design representations are presented together in a traveling exhibition. Read more here ››



Exhibiting Architecture, or Architectural Exhibitionism is a Doctoral course within the framework of the Swedish graduate school ResArc. Concerned with the communication of architecture through exhibition, the course explores the architectural exhibition both as subject and method. By postulating critical inquiries into the past, present, and future of architecture exhibition, the course examines the architecture exhibition as a means to correlate critical discourse with societal concerns. Read more here ››


Material meetings is a glimpse of the future’s textile industry, shown by the exam works of the textile design students at Textilhögskolan i Borås.  Creating and finalising a textile collection requires both material, technical development and many hours of work. To the extent of 43 weekends spent at school, 1890 hours of work, 539 material samples and thousands meters of yarn. Read more here ››