Region Dalarna invites to an introduction and a talk about SPOK - a digital platform for production that aims to gather and spread knowledge about local manufacturing opportunities, from handicraft to industry. Hear project manager Anna Gudmundsdottir talk about how they work to establish the platform and working method in more regions. Emelie Lilja, consultant – Bild och form Dalarna and Kattis K Hofvander - handicraft consultant Hemslöjden participates in subsequent conversations where viewers are also given the opportunity to ask questions. If you have questions already now, you can email them to Emelie at SPOK (Contemporary production and consumption) was founded by designer Jenny Nordberg and launched in Skåne in 2016. With funding from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, the platform will now be expanded to more regions in accordance with the government's ambition to strengthen the conditions for industrialization and manufacturing in Sweden. With the expanded digital platform, SPOK will be able to further make local manufacturers visible and thus create more meetings and simplify cooperation between creative industries and industry - across the country. Today, SPOK is run from Form/Design Center in Malmö.


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Formveckan 2020 Dalarna Monday October 5 to and including Sunday 11 October 2020, Svensk Form Dalarna is arranging Formveckan Dalarna for the fourth time. They want to gather and make visible the creativity that exists throughout Dalarna during a week: form, design, architecture and craftsmanship in the small or large. The form week wants to attract the interested public, regardless of age, gender and background, to discover and explore the form area. Read more here ››