Nina seeks a simplicity and rawness in her work. She is inspired by various aspects of the physical work process of the craft of glassblowing, for example the movement when she turns the hot molten glass on the blowpipe, and the glass’s movement when it is hot and liquid.

In her current project she wants to describe the passage of a period of time with the aid of water and clear glass. In terms of form her starting point is the sphere, which in this case represents a kind of zero point. Her thoughts have focused on the vacuum that can arise following an intensive period.

The water in Skåne has a high lime content, which leaves undesired deposits on glass. Nina has studied the patterns that emerge when the water has evaporated, and has tried to preserve and reinforce them and give them a new role – a value.

At Form/Design Center, Nina presents parts of her current project plus her utilityware series A Material in Motion.


Where were you born?

How old are you?

Where do you live?

What do you do?
I have a studio at BLANK studio in Malmö, where I work with concept development and packaging. I do my glassblowing at Glasverk glassworks in Varberg. I like to use the technique where you “work up” the opening of the glass object. That produces the soft, rounded rim that you can find on my utilityware series A Material in Motion.

Your favourite place?
Everywhere close to the sea.

Favourite material?
Hot liquid glass.

Favourite designer?
The glass artists Steffen Dam and Trine Drivsholm.

Favourite colour?
Light green

What inspires you?
I like to be inspired by various parts of the physical work process of the craft of glassblowing. For example: the movement when I turn the hot glass on the blowpipe, the glass’s movement when it is hot and liquid, how wooden moulds and wet newspaper burn and blacken, the pattern caused by the cooling process when you roll the glass object on a sheet of iron and so on.

Your vision/business concept?
To design and make unique utilityware products and art objects using the ancient craft of glassblowing. I like to leave traces of the production process as a reminder of the handcrafting process.

Biggest mistake?
I often think that mistakes in my glassblowing are a good thing. Then I find new forms of expression that I can work with.

Dream project?
To get a public art commission. And more joint projects with other local designers and artisans.

Next project?
This autumn I am working towards my solo exhibition at Galleri Lerverk in Gothenburg and the Formex trade fair in January.