M&E are Matthew Bolger and Emelie Lidström, an Irish/Swedish design studio based in Malmö & Dublin. They work in the fields of graphic and product design, photography, illustration and film. Known for their colourful work, love of process and unconventional approach, M&E moves between designing for cultural institutions and within the music industry, to branding and concept development.

Their work often takes the form of controlled experiments dealing with reflection, distortion, light and colour by exploring a variety of materials such as glass, resin, wood and ink. Their style is playful but with a dark undertone, with randomness, rituals, traditions and the relationship between nature and humanity being some of the reoccurring themes.

As Månadens Formgivare M&E will show, amongst other works, a series of bottles designed for Method and Madness, a new experimental whiskey from Midleton, Ireland. M&E have designed all elements, from the glassware to the visual identity.

Q & A
Where were you born?
Sweden / Ireland

How old are you?
36 / 37

Where do you live?

What do you do?
We work with visual expressions of concepts and ideas.

Your favourite place?
The sea / The forest

Favourite material?
Glass & Ink / Wood & Clay

Favourite colour?
Red / Cobalt blue

What inspires you?
Light / New materials

Your vision/business concept?
To take on projects that interests us and pushes us to learn new materials and processes.

Biggest mistake?
Not moving towards product design and branding sooner.

Dream project?
Design furniture or interior design objects.

Next project?
We are working continuosly with Method and Madness to develop the brand through films, photography and design for upcoming spirit releases.

The Designer of the Month is a series of portraits intended to showcase local talents with links to the Öresund region and also to present an expanded view of design as a concept. The selection is made together with the association DISK (Designers in Skåne) and can be an individual designer, a group, or a manufacturer. The list of design areas is long and includes everything from furniture design, industrial design and architecture to fashion, illustration, the moving image etc.