Kauppi & Kauppi are a designer duo with roots in Skåne and northern Sweden. After having worked both in house and under their own names in a range of different design fields in Sweden and abroad, they have recently established a joint studio based in Malmö.

Form/Design Center is exhibiting two exciting new works: the stylish and welcoming outdoor gym Kebne for Nola Industrier, and Wakufuru, a family of sound absorption furniture in wood for Glimakra of Sweden.

Johan Kauppi is a designer and interior designer who works in a multidisciplinary way with concept architecture, spatial design and product design. His portfolio includes projects in all scales – from bridges and public art to industrial design. He has designed several collections of sound furniture for Glimakra of Sweden and is a member of the company’s design council.

Nina Kauppi is a designer and industrial designer who has worked for many years in house. Her commissions include designing successful collections for international companies such as Tiffany & Co on location in New York and Thomas Sabo Gmbh in Germany. As a freelance designer she continues to work for Tiffany & Co. She pays great attention to details whether she is creating jewels, furniture or spaces.

Q & A
Where were you born?
Johan grew up in Tornedalen, Nina in Malmö.

How old are you?
41 / 38

Where do you live?
We regularly alternate between Malmö and Tornedalen – the contrasts are enriching.

What do you do?
Right now we are sketching on a new, interesting lighting project.

Your favourite place?
Henningsvaer in Lofoten, Norway and the High Line in Manhattan, New York.

Favourite material?
The extremes of ice and diamonds are two interesting materials we have worked with. The most transient and the most permanent.

Favourite designer?
Even though it sounds like a cliché we would say nature!

Favourite colour?

What inspires you?
“Global and local” are two perspectives we always have with us in our design work. New York, Tornedalen, Frankfurt, Gothenburg and Malmö are places that have been our home for periods of time and that are constant sources of inspiration.

Your vision/business concept?
Kauppi & Kauppi is a multidisciplinary design studio and creative partner in product and industrial design, spatial design and concept development. We create our own projects, manage joint projects with manufacturers, and lend our knowledge and experience to companies and organisations as design consultants.

Biggest mistake?
There are no mistakes, just learning experiences.

Dream project?
We like to discover new areas that can be rejuvenated via design and creative processes.

Next project?
This summer we are starting a totally new collaboration with an extremely exciting and highly reputed company in Skåne, and we are really looking forward to it.

The Designer of the Month is a series of portraits intended to showcase local talents with links to the Öresund region and also to present an expanded view of design as a concept. The selection is made together with the association DISK (Designers in Skåne) and can be an individual designer, a group, or a manufacturer. The list of design areas is long and includes everything from furniture design, industrial design and architecture to fashion, illustration, the moving image etc.