Gustav Carlberg is a product designer who comes from the Swedish province of Hälsingland but is now based in Malmö. Following studies at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm he has interned at the Nendo design company in Tokyo, worked as a watch designer for Triwa in Stockholm and designed lighting, wall clocks, sofas and more for IKEA. Since 2011 he runs his own company, GCD (Gustav Carlberg Design), with an office in Malmö.

Gustav works in a wide variety of product fields. The foundation of every project is clear communication, function and sustainability. Another important part of his work is values in the form of history and imagination. A product must convey something but also leave room for personal interpretation.

At the Form/Design Center he presents cast concrete tables featuring colour pigments. All the tables are based on the paper sheet formats of A4 up to A1. The tables are raised up on simple wooden legs. The creative process was highly intuitive; using simple sketches as a pattern he poured and spattered coloured concrete to create different designs.

Where were you born?
In the same place as the actor Peter Stormare – Arbrå, Hälsingland.

How old are you?

Where do you live?

What do you do?
Product design

Your favourite place?

Favourite material?

Favourite designer?
Inga Sempe is good.

Favourite colour?
Blue right now.

What inspires you?
Unexpected encounters – I found a pineapple in the snow the other day.

Your vision/business concept?
Clear communication, sustainable and functional products.

Dream project?
An interior design project would be fun. To be able to create a total interior.

Next project?
A new product for my family company Clubben. We’ve previously launched a self-extinguishing candlestick – STUB.

The Designer of the Month is a series of portraits intended to showcase local talents with links to the Öresund region and also to present an expanded view of design as a concept. The selection is made together with the association DISK (Designers in Skåne) and can be an individual designer, a group, or a manufacturer. The list of design areas is long and includes everything from furniture design, industrial design and architecture to fashion, illustration, the moving image etc.