Förstberg Ling is an architectural firm that was founded in 2015 by Björn Förstberg and Mikael Ling. Based in Malmö, they work with architecture, interior design and furniture. Their projects are characterised by a desire to simplify the design to a couple of recurring, well-developed details in which the choice of materials is equally important as the space. They prefer to work with materials that feel alive and warm, regardless of whether they are simple or exclusive. And with a texture that creates shadow plays or surfaces that can be patinated.

Even though their firm is new, they have been continuously working together since they were first-year students together at the School of Architecture at Lund University and then shared accommodation while studying in Edinburgh. Both have also worked for Jonas Lindvall.

At Form/Design Center they exhibit a number of models, blueprints, material samples and photographs depicting various aspects of their work process.

Q & A
Where were you born?
We grew up in Linköping and Malmö respectively.

How old are you?
35 /33.

Where do you live?

What do you do?
Architecture and furniture design

Your favourite place?

Favourite material?
Ash wood

Favourite designer?
Right now we’re fans of Jonathan Blow, an ingenious games designer.

Favourite colour?
Pantone 2380 C.

What inspires you?
Lots! From unexpected details to exciting materials.

What is your vision/business concept?
We hope to do only what we are really interested in and believe can turn out well.

Your biggest mistake?
We’ve not succeeded with many competitions or prizes so we must have done something wrong.

Your dream project?
It would have been fun to work with a religious building, a project whose function lies in the spatiality itself.

Your next project?
We’re working on a summer house in Denmark that will be terrific!

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