Then don’t miss the KRO/KIF course, Formgivning och avtalens betydelse (Design and the importance of contracts) about fair contracts in the design industry. The course offers participants a basic review of the design industry’s economic and legal issues. The speakers are lawyer Christina Wainikka and designer Johanna Asshoff, who give examples and answer questions about designers’ needs and also provide insight into the dilemmas and issues they can face.

Christina Wainikka, lawyer and researcher, has written several books including the recently released Designrätt – de överlappande skydden (Design law – the overlapping protections). Johanna Asshoff is a designer, manager of production and quality at Svenskt Tenn, and one of the founders of the design studio Asshoff & Brogård.

The course will be given in Swedish.


PLACE: Form/Design Center
ORGANISER: KRO/KIF (KRO, the Swedish Artists’ National Organization and KIF, the Association of Swedish Craftsmen and Industrial Designers are now one organisation)
COST: Free
REGISTER: NB! Places are limited.