Children aged 5 to 12 can join the workshop to create along the theme of “Children’s love of Malmö” together with instructors from Drömmarnas hus (the House of Dreams), a cultural centre for children and young people. The creations will then be assembled to form two exhibitions at this year’s Malmö Festival in the special children’s area, Barnlandet: The Wall of Love and The Tree of Bottle Post.

The Wall of Love
The heart in all its shapes, sizes, materials and colours. The heart is one of the strongest universal symbols of love! The exhibition will be expanded every day with the results of several workshops where everyone can contribute works of love in the form of a heart.

The Tree of Bottle Post
We will fill a tree with beautiful bottles that the children have coloured and filled with…yes, love! Everyone who has participated is welcome to come and feel pride or continue creating.

Ages 5–12.

PLACE: Form Design Center
ORGANISER: Drömmarnas Hus
COST: Free
REGISTRATION: Not required