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Föreläsning, Studio Aikieu: Terra Nova

Is it easier to imagine life on Mars than to take care of life on Earth?
Terra Nova is 3 year research project, seeking to address some of the problems we face on Earth in the dominant paradigm of human-progression.

By using Mars as a platform for critique and speculation, we aim to challenge the prevalent human-centeredness by promoting a flat multi-species hierarchy to reach a more symbiotic coexistence, between species, mankind and the environment.

By looking through the lens of non-human species, could we influence new perspectives or new ways of thinking and understanding to design for a better future where all species can benefit from the activity of the other.

The activities of the in-space studio team will probe, question and examine what we can learn from our previous mistakes to design for a more sustainable future.

Följ projektet Terra Nova på Instagram: @terra_nova_studio_

Jenny Lee, Studio Aikieu

Jenny Lee's work is driven by design fiction methodologies, creating speculative narratives and design probes to elicit critical debate and discussion around the social, ethical and environmental implications of how we choose to utilise science and technology to craft a better tomorrow.

The hybrid approach of her practice is grounded in aesthetic sensibilities and inherent codes of human design, which has inspired the cultivation of original ideas that make tangible the most poignant of our social, ethical and environmental futures.

She describe herself as a ‘Material Activist’ using materiality and design as a tool to provoke meaningful public engagement in questioning mankind’s role in the preservation of our future environments.

PLATS: Form/Design Center
ARRANGÖR: Form/Design Center
FÖR VEM: Branschutövare inom form, design och arkitektur