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Node for a designed living environment


Form/Design Center is the leading platform for architecture, design and crafts in southern Sweden. In 2018, Form/Design Center was designated by the government as a national node for a designed living environment.

In a press conference on 9 September 2020, Minister of Culture Amanda Lind and Deputy Minister of Finance Per Bolund announced that Form/Design Center will be awarded SEK 3 million annually from 2021. The temporary government grant to the organization, which has run for more than three years, will now be permanent.

– The fact that the grant will now be permanent gives Form/Design Center even better conditions and greater opportunities to continue its work as a meeting place and node for architecture, design and crafts in southern Sweden, says Minister of Culture Amanda Lind.


We have produced a brochure to provide an overall picture of the organization and how we work long-term to implement the policy for designed living environment.

Read the brochure here in Swedish (pdf) ››


We have also made a film "Voices about Form/Design Center" which describes what we do within the framework of our assignment. The film is made in collaboration with Region Skåne, the city of Malmö, academia, the industry and various organizations. (In Swedish).


Dorte Bo Bojesen
CEO, Form/Design Center

Frida Trollmyr (S)
Cultural Municipal Council, City of Malmö

Magnus Lunderquist (KD)
Chairman of the Culture Committee, Region Skåne

Lena Jungmark
Coordinator for children and young adults's outdoor environment, Think Tank Movium at SLU

Kristina Schultz
Design pedagogue, Ateljé Schultz Lindberg

Gunilla Kronvall
Operations Manager, Swedish Architects at Form/Design Center

Pernilla Norrman
Project management and development, The Swedish Crafts centre in Skåne

Louise Hederström
Furniture designer, Louise Hederström Design Studio

Niklas Madsen
Design manager, Superlab

Axel Nordin
Researcher, Department of Design Sciences at Lund University

Monica von Schmalensee
Chairman of the Board, Form/Design Center

Per-Johan Dahl
Senior Lecturer, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment at Lund University