As usual, the region’s architecture and design educational programmes are combining forces and gathering at Form/Design Center to present this year’s graduation projects at the bachelor’s and master’s levels.

This year’s exhibition features several themes that span the disciplines. Two clear examples are social involvement and an interest in enlightenment and improvement. The importance of saving on resources and fostering a sustainable society is evident both in products where excess has been pared away and in a focus on adding something to achieve a new function rather than manufacturing a whole new product. How much stuff do we really need and what materials should we choose? New apps simplify public transport and purchasing from local producers, whilst a new typeface makes it easier to read in vibrating environments such as on a train or bus. Information campaigns, often targeting young people, raise such issues as equality, politics and sex. Other projects foster inclusion with measures such as encouraging an understanding of words and inspiring an interest in news.

Issues of mental ill health are discussed in various ways – how do psychiatry’s architecture and space affect patients? How about our public spaces? What options exist for creating safety and security both practically/physically as well as with regard to our emotional experiences of the architecture? What makes an urban space into a place that people enjoy spending time in, and how can citizens’ dialogues help to create such places? Discussions about our well-being are also studied: suggestions are made about how books, especially picture books, can be a way in to talking with children about anxiety, both their own and that of people close to them, and a study shows how communication influences how we experience major changes at the workplace.

Other projects give us strong visual narratives about people we thought we knew – those who exist and those who have disappeared. There are pictures that challenge our assumptions and help to add nuances to concepts, and other pictures that call on us to take action. Come and explore tomorrow’s ideas today!

School of Architecture, Lund University
School of Industrial Design, Lund University
Architecture, visualisation and communication, Malmö University
Graphic Design, Malmö University
Product Design, Malmö University
Visual Communication, Malmö University