Svensk Bokkonst was founded in 1933 and now is a not-for-profit association that aims to stimulate and inspire the book industry to higher-quality book production. The aim is the same today as when the association was created, and its founders stated that the selection “shall be based on the principle of the form’s fitness for purpose and aesthetic alignment to the contents from a typography and printing technique perspective.”

See the pictures and read the jury’s statements for the 25 selected books here (in Swedish)>>

2018 jury:

  • Linda Sörensen, accountable
  • Björn Anderson, book printer
  • Emanuel Cederqvist, photographer
  • Helena Willis,illustrator
  • Jonas Ellerström, publisher
  • Roger Johansson, bookbinder
  • Matilda Plöjel, Graphic designer
  • Sofia Scheutz, Graphic designer