Kiwa Saito

Kiwa Saito embroiders both serious and fanciful themes. She says that working with these two different aspects gives a good balance. She enjoys allowing thread and fabric to describe herself instead of doing so herself.

Kiwa has trained in various textile techniques but embroidery is the one closest to her heart. Embroidery works well for her in a meditative way. She embroiders at home, on the bus, on the train or in the dentist’s waiting room. Embroidering is one of her most important daily routines.

"Brodera ut texten" (Embroider the text)

Gisela Ståle began embroidering so she could do something with her hands while she was on sick leave for burnout. A meditative way to keep busy. She plays with words and embroiders comic or tragic messages, which she then posts on Facebook and Instagram. “Embroider the text” (“Brodera ut texten”) currently has more than 18,000 followers on social media.

The texts are taken from Gisela’s everyday life and contain a lot of humour. “It’s impossible to miss that I’m a mother, grew up in the country, have a touch of social phobia and a world view that is sometimes more dark than light,” she says about her embroidery.