This exhibition gives us all the opportunity to get to know this special place. The exhibition is a personal narrative about a relationship to a place and its history but also about how to relate one’s body to the material and how the clay is gathered and shaped in a ceramic, creative process.

“Känslan av att leran ligger fast” (The sense that the clay is firm) is an artistic project by Pernilla Norrman in collaboration with filmmaker Terese Mörnvik. Together they have created a short film of the same name, which is shown in the exhibition together with ceramic objects made of clay from the film’s location.

Pernilla Norrman (b. 1968) has operated her workshop in central Malmö since 2001 and exhibits regularly in Sweden and abroad. She also accepts various types of commissions while concurrently working with development and project management for the Crafts Center in Skåne.


Terese Mörnvik (b. 1969) is a film director and photographer who trained at the University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre in Stockholm from 1998 to 2001. With a background as a documentary filmmaker, she has directed documentaries for cinema and television, performed various commissions for institutions and completed an artistic research project.


The film was produced by Pernilla Norrman with funding from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Boost Hbg and in co-production with Film i Skåne. The film music was specially composed by H&M – Henrik Meierkord, Matts Persson, Messy Weekend Records.

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