SPOK (Contemporary Production and Consumption) is a production platform that aims to gather and share knowledge about local manufacturing opportunities, from craft to industry. The website highlights local producers and generates business for both innovative companies and the manufacturing industry. The exhibition shows examples of products where designers and manufacturers have found each other via SPOK's platform.

Participating designers + manufacturers

  • Eva Moritz + Yalla Trappan
  • Gustav Carlberg + Rosengrens Metallgjuteri
  • Kajsa Willner + AC Snickeri
  • Kauppi Kauppi + Ifö Electric
  • Louise Hederström + Ekdahls Plåtindustri
  • M&E Design + Kullaro, AB Pressmekano
  • Lillian Öberg & Margareta Heijkenskjöld Holmgren + Yalla Trappan
  • Milan Kosovic / Sekt + Den Danske Keramikfabrik
  • Malmö Upcycling Service + Kirsebergs Plåt & Mekaniska, Ytbehandlarna i Skåne
  • Nestor Campos + Kirsebergs Plåt & Mekaniska Verkstad, Totallack i Malmö
  • Nestor Campos + M&E Ohlssons Klockgjuteri, Brantviks Måleriverkstad
  • Sara Emander & Sara Gullberg + Kirsebergs Plåt & Mekaniska
  • Siri Skillgate + Yalla Trappan
  • Studio Trojka & Jonas Larsen + Studio Glashyttan i Åhus
  • What The Heart Wants + Önnerups Snickeri

About SPOK's expansion

The new digital platform, made with support from The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, improves the visibility of local manufacturers, creates encounters and simplifies collaborations between creative industries and other companies across Sweden.

The new website, which maps the entire country, will highlight local producers and eventually generate business for both innovative companies and the manufacturing industry. The goal of the venture is to spread the platform nationally through a network of self-running, regional hubs that manage the listing of companies locally.