Abstract figures and objects have been gathered to a meeting around a table. Here are the mother, the children, the bird, the tree, the pinecones and the egg symbolising the unborn. This artwork is about the dream of implementing the changes we must make to ensure the survival of the Earth’s eco-system. You are welcome to sit down and participate in the meeting. Get to know the figures – handle them, put your head in the barrel, call out through the cone and help the wings to fly. What will you talk about at the meeting? What changes do you dream of?

About Matilda Haritz Svenson

Matilda Haritz Svenson was born in 1982 and works in Siljansnäs, Dalarna. She works with ceramic sculpture, often on a large scale, and has a particular interest in activated artworks. The sculptures are hand built and fired in a large wood kiln. Close up, it is possible to see how the flame has moved around the objects and left its traces – where it was hottest or where the ashes settled. This technique gives the clay many different forms of expression.

2008–2011 Master of Fine Arts, School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg
2007 Residency in Kecskemét, Hungary
2005–2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg
Ceramics programme, Leksand Folk High School

Performance work: Choreography for an object

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In conjunction with the installation, we present a film of the performance work Koreografi för ett föremål( Choreography for an object). During the autumn school break, the performance will be presented live twice: on Friday 1/11 at 10.00 and on Saturday 2/11 at 12.00.

About Bästa Biennalen

Bästa Biennalen is a biennial regional event focusing on the encounter of children and young people with contemporary art. The biennial works to foster an accessible and inclusive art space for all ages and to make professional art visible to children and young people by organising a recurring regional art biennial every other year. The Bästa Biennalen art biennial has existed since 2013 and is held during the autumn school break throughout Skåne. The art biennial’s contents are produced by various participants such as art institutions, participants in the independent cultural scene, and municipalities in conjunction with artists. Bästa Biennalen works year round with development work, continuing education, networking and cooperation, primarily in Skåne but also at the national and international levels.


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Bästa Biennalen is funded by Region Skåne, the Swedish Arts Counciland Ystad Municipality and has its head office at Ystad Art Museum.