The exhibition Power/Personal Power (Makt/Egenmakt) presents examples of pioneering designers who defy norms in their practice and forge new paths in the design field – for themselves and others.

Power/Personal Power is curated by the Gothenburg-based association Omforma, which in spring 2018 made an open call for participation in the exhibition. A jury was chosen and then complemented by Omforma with a number of other participants.

The exhibition opens on 23 November with a half-day seminar followed by an official opening. More information will follow.

The exhibition and publication were initiated and produced by the association Omforma (, with support from the Swedish Postcode Foundation. Makt/Egenmakt is a further development of the study Omforma. Nya strukturer för designbranschen (Reshape. New Structures for the design industry), which was implemented in 2014–2015. The study focused on designers’ work situation based on their own experiences. The starting point was gender, class and ethnicity as bases of discrimination. The study showed that the definition of Swedish design is narrow and that the industry is strongly normative and does not allow people to advance who do not fit in. The results are presented in a book of the same name written by Kerstin Sylwan and published by Arvinius+Orfeus in 2015.

The jury members

  • Samir Alj Fält, interior designer, instructor at Konstfack and founder of Design Lab Skärholmen
  • Em Fexeus, artist and design writer
  • Emila Wärff, product designer, dancer and choreographer at Danskompaniet Spinn

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