It is a known fact that the way we are producing and consuming goods today is not sustainable in the long term. M.U.S. wants to change our view of waste material by redefining it as a resource rather than as undesired waste. M.U.S. works to establish channels whereby this material can be returned to the local manufacturing system again in what is called the circular economy. This has both economic and environmental benefits.

M.U.S. wants to create concrete examples to show that there are alternative ways of producing and consuming.

Solid work will be done over the summer, starting with visits to manufacturers to find new waste materials to work with. These will then be used in a series of experiments and prototype making to create new products. The results will be presented in the exhibition Waste as a Resource (Avfall som Resurs), which presents the processes and experiments that the materials have undergone in order to create the new products.

Malmö Upcycling Service consists of industrial designers Anna Gudmundsdottir, Britt Jönsson and Emilia Borgvall. Their collaboration aims to rethink design processes, democratise production methods and question the designer’s role in the production value chain.

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