The site offers great potential to create an attractive urban district with an exciting mix of old port and industrial settings and new construction. Fully built, the site can hold about 9,000 homes in what will be largely an urban inner-city environment with high density in the areas closest to public transport. The district will also offer space for a variety of business uses with about 12,000 to 16,000 new workplaces.

The comprehensive plan looks far into the future
According to the Swedish Planning and Building Act, every municipality must have an up-to-date comprehensive plan. The comprehensive plan shall guide decisions about the use of land and water areas and the future development of the existing urban environment. The comprehensive plan for Nyhamnen is a more detailed version of the municipality-wide comprehensive plan and builds on its priorities, strategies and planning guidelines. The comprehensive plan for Nyhamnen describes the goals for developing the district and establishes the overall structures.

Voice your opinion on the plan proposal
During the period 15 May to 1 September, there will be another opportunity for voicing opinions on the plan. After minor adjustments, the comprehensive plan for Nyhamnen can then be adopted by the city council during 2018/2019. You can send your opinions on the plan proposal no later than 1 September:

  • on:
  • by email:
  • or by writing to the urban planning office at: Malmö stadsbyggnadskontor, 205 80 Malmö

Write "Utställningssvar FÖP Nyhamnen" on the envelope or in the heading. Don´t forget to state your name and address.

The exhibition is produced by the city of Malmö.

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