The visitor is invited to participate in an exploratory game centred on the sensory perception of textiles as a material. Is This…? presents contemporary textile works plus works with textile associations by creatives from the Danish association KONTEMPO.

IS THIS…? is part of a dialogue-based exhibition series built up around various issues. Three previous exhibitions have been held: IS THIS TEXTILE? (2016), which explored the boundary for what textile works can be, IS THIS KNIT? (2017), which discussed knitting as a textile technique, and IS THIS COLOUR?, which shed light on colour and how people in various fields work with it.

Designers in the exhibition:

Elisabeth Kiss
Elisabeth Kiss is working in the crossfield of art and design. Her work is investigating the field of textiles in her own 3dimensional and experimental way. Elisabeth Kiss examins the limits within the way of seeing and perceiving textiles in matter of working with not common materials in the sense of a textile designer. Her work is colourful and the output can vary from installations, to sculpture, to print or video.

Ellinor Ericsson
Ellinor Ericsson is a Swedish Textile and Furniture Designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is working in the field of interior design and home accessories, also creating concepts and brand identities as well as experimenting with structures, craft techniques and questioning the difference between art and design.

Kristine Mandsberg
Kristine designs visual, sensory and spatial experiences, in the form of installations, decorations, objects and surfaces.Visually she works with a graphic design language, and with a striking colour scheme.Her work often has a playful and changeable element to it, and often you are allowed to touch her work. Kristine’s work is somewhere in between 2D and 3D, always focusing on surfaces, materials, colours and patterns.

Laura Kirk
Laura Kirk is a danish textile designer based in Copenhagen. Laura Kirk practice a vivid range of different materials and techniques in her works. She is driven by a strong interest in the relationship between colour and material, object and composition, and explores this in various ways. Independent work as well as interdisciplinary collaborations, together with ceramic and furniture designers, is performed in order to examine colours, patterns and textures in a spatial context.

Marie Hugsted
Marie writes about design, teach design and develops new teaching materials on design. She has developed the design methodology “The Art Studio of the Mouth” which is a method for idea generation based on mouth feel. As textile designer Marie is interested in the processes behind the product. When she sees a chair, a coffeepot or a lamp, she wonders... What is it made of? What does it feel like to touch? Her work is a result of her own curiosity.

Marlene Klok
Marlene Klok is a Copenhagen based artist who works in a range of mediums such as; collage, sculpture, installation, and mixed media. Her work and process are influenced by the narrative and playfulness found in art brut and folk art and is often diverted from the obvious beautiful. She is driven by a love of all things handmade, and primarily work in unpretentious materials like paper or textiles.

Rikke H. Bjerg
Rikke H. Bjerg is a Danish textile- and graphic designer who works with juxtaposing materials and techniques in sculptures. The sculptures work within the field of creating tactile- and sensory storytelling in spatial contexts. With a strong eye for graphic expression she always works with an experimental and curious approach to textiles, material and method. She investigates the contrasts that rises when setting unexpected tactilities together.

Signe Møller Jensen
Signe Møller Jensen is a textile designer, currently working for the children’s interior design brand Liewood based in Copenhagen. She has over 12 years experience working within fashion and interior design, having had her own fashion brand Fnubbu specifically designing knitwear, developing brand identity, concept development, styling and making products within many different areas of design, but always working with a textile designers point of view and expertise.


KONTEMPO is an association that works to promote the textile field in a contemporary context. KONTEMPO consists of Nordic-based practitioners in the textile field and has an international outlook with a focus on working with contemporary textiles.

The association aims to showcase how the field of textiles can contribute to art, commercial design, crafts, education and research. KONTEMPO is a platform that enables members to create networks and cooperate both within the association and externally with businesses, industry, municipalities, institutions, other associations, museums and galleries. KONTEMPO was founded at the end of 2015 and has approximately 100 active members.