The love of glass and the genuine creative joy that exist at Kosta Boda combine to produce art glass of great relevance. To mark the 27th anniversary of Kosta Boda, five of Sweden’s most exciting artists have been invited to each follow in the footsteps of one of their predecessors in Kosta Boda’s rich history. The artists include the internationally renowned Frida Fjellman, who has been paired with Erik Höglund and who is one of Kosta Boda’s boldest innovators. Åsa Jungnelius enters into a dialogue with Ulrica Hydman Vallien and challenges us with glass forms with biblical connotations. The result is a generous tribute to the art of Swedish glassmaking and the persistent and skilled artisans who toil in the glassworks. Thanks to the professional skill that has been passed down and cherished and the courage contributed by our leading innovators, it has been possible to develop traditional techniques into art glass that challenges boundaries.

With Kosta Boda’s uncompromising love of glass and crystal, Sweden’s world-famous art glass tradition will continue to thrive for many years to come. With the aid of Frida Fjellman, Åsa Jungnelius, Mattias Stenberg, Hanna Hansdotter and Lena Bergström, a new creative chapter is being written in the history of Kosta Boda and Swedish glassmaking. It is a chapter that the company’s founders of 275 years ago, Anders Koskull and George Bogislaus Stael von Holstein, would thoroughly have approved of.