After studying interior architect design at Yonsei University, in South Korea, Seoyoung studied at the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Italy. With graduation, she started working in the communication department at Prada in Milan head-office. Then returned to Korea and worked as a strategist for the design consulting company, Continuum. In 2012 she came to Sweden and studied traditional crafts in textile design and weaving at Capellagården, and now she is working with the process of launching the textile brand ’boiida’.


What's your name?
Seoyoung Shin

Where were you born?
Seosan, South Korea

How old are you?

Where do you live?

What do you do?
Textil designer

Your favourite place?

A small mountain in my hometown that I used to climb every morning + Glyptoteket Museum in Copenhagen.

Favourite material?
Linen, wool

Favourite designers?
Karel Martens (graphic designer), Louise Bourgeois (artist)

Favourite colour?
All natural colours.

What inspires you?
First encounter with new cultures and busy cities.

Your vision/business idea?
Creating art work using colour that becomes my own textile collection.

Biggest mistake?
I cannot remember or maybe I want to forget…

Dream project?
I would like to display large scale works not intended for sale.

Next project?
I am in the process of launching my own textile brand ’boiida’, made by Klässbols.

The Designer of the Month is a series of portraits intended to showcase local talents with links to the Öresund region and also to present an expanded view of design as a concept. The selection is made together with the association DISK (Designers in Skåne) and can be an individual designer, a group, or a manufacturer. The list of design areas is long and includes everything from furniture design, industrial design and architecture to fashion, illustration, the moving image etc.