This figure appeared in the media as a calculation of how many people would be deported from Sweden to Afghanistan. Forma wanted to understand this number and show that it is not just an anonymous volume. The work consists of 17,000 unique small artworks mounted in wood frames. The artwork makes the number 17,000 visible and above all shows that it is not just a number, because behind every individual number is a personality, a history, an artwork.

Forma’s working method is collective creativity and strength in diversity. In the work 17,000, this approach has been taken to its logical conclusion, and more than 1,500 artists have contributed to the production of the installation.

The creative collective Forma, a collective of multicultural creatives based on the conviction that crafts and creativity can serve an important role in a more inclusive and life-affirming society. The collective has about 40 active members. Forma is religiously and politically unaffiliated and works to promote democracy, equality and human rights.