Why study ageing? Some say that as the population grows older, we need to prepare for the challenges that come with it. Others point out that the elderly are as valuable and interesting to society as the younger ones. From these perspectives, and from several other aspects, students from HDK-Valand Steneby and Kobe Design University in Japan have explored ageing. In various projects, they have focused on howe furniture and objects can facilitate everyday life and encourage activity, both for healthy elderly people and those suffering from dementia.


Around the table
Kerstin Malmqvist HDK-Valand Steneby
There is a lot of value in food and the culture around eating together. You sit down on the same basis, at the same height, on the same ground. It’s a mood that is hard to define but it enhances emotions and we share sensory impressions. We smell, taste and feel. Sharing food made from the same pot, eating with the same tools or sitting in a circle, gives us a sense of belonging.

Josephine Aspenrot HDK-Valand Steneby
With forms that comes from memories of Nordic flower fields, Flora is a freestanding dressing solution where everything has its place. The intention with Flora is to help elderly with dementia complete an everyday task, but without letting function take over form. The turning mirrors is to illustrate the transition of life and to fulfill the changes of needs that comes with age.

Each of us
Samuel Norlind HDK-Valand Steneby
Has time become as precious as the people around us? The lack of closeness and human interaction can make us feel separated from our grounds. These objects exists between two people, as a symbolic gesture of belonging.

Tell me a story
Lauranne Chapelle-Barry HDK-Valand Steneby
To define the purpose of an object, we need to be curious. The objects want to be discussed about and explored without any preconceptions. Playful meetings are the spark of new adventures, based on each other's experiences. Learn from others, listen and dream together.

Hannes Blixt HDK-Valand Steneby
Contemplative solitude is something that should be a pleasure. Solitude
is suggested to be a natural part of ageing. The atmospheric daybed with its frail waves, holds you up and let your thoughts float away.

Daily routine as an eldelry
David Blumberg HDK-Valand Steneby
The daily routine of almost everybody starts with a bedside table. This interaction might not be a problem yet, but whilst getting older it could prove to be difficult. Simplifying the everyday life for elderly should be an aim for the design of a furniture piece.

Tsukiko Fukui
Kobe Design University
”Pochi” is a side table with wheels and cane. It will assist standing and sitting and follow the user everywhere in the house like a dedicated pet.

Satsuki Fujii
Kobe Design University
When the cart is pushed around, the mechanism plays the music from the record. Enjoy the sweet old music with stable walking and rotation of the gears.

Riho Shimizu
Kobe Design University
”Irotsumi” building blocks has written colour names on each block, which is different from the colour of the block, to exercise cognition through play. Instead of piling up painted colours, the players should pile up colours written on the surface.

Yukiko Ohshima
Kobe Design University
”Toton” wooden knife makes joyful sounds when cutting vegetables and keeps them fresher than when using steel knife. Enjoy cooking with your grandchildren and stay healthy through vitamin-rich food.

On stage
Hikaru Sakamoto Kobe Design University
”On Stage” is a dancing tool for sitting. It gives appropriate exercise for legs in the safety of the seated position, by pushing down, twisting or stepping.

Yui Wakita Kobe Design University
Grip and manipulate a pair of tiny hand massage blocks to stimulate palm and exercise fingers during watching TV or listening to music.