In conjunction with the Best Biennial 2017 art event in Skåne, Form/Design Center presents the exhibition Balansakter (Balancing Acts). Erika Janunger is an interior designer, artist and musician and has focused on the theme of spatiality in a work that has been going on for a considerable period of time. Previous expressions of this interest are her filmic works Weightless (2012) and Longing to fly/Longing to fall (2014), created in collaboration with the choreographer Oskar Frisk. The films are all-encompassing works of art in which dance, architecture, music and design combine to form a poetic observation and challenge. In the exhibition these films are shown and are complemented by a new addition in the form of two staged settings where visitors can themselves experiment with movement exercises. In these rooms, the floors are offset by 10 and 90 degrees respectively, and visitors are filmed in real time by cameras twisted at the same angles. The films are shown the right way up and in them, the visitors see that they possess the possibility of both repudiating and repealing the law of gravity. It is inspirational to notice what we experience every day without registering it. One example is gravity, of which Erika says: “Gravity keeps our feet on the ground, gives us a sense of up and down, of weight and depth; it holds our entire universe together. How we perceive gravity is how we relate to the world around us.” Playing with sensory impressions as is done in this exhibition is exciting and invites us to look at reality in new ways. Everything is not predetermined; it can be different. Balansakter is based on Erika’s own thoughts about spatiality stemming from her various fields of work. As an interior designer, she plans rooms and spaces based on their use and requirements. How should a space be furnished so that it can function optimally and still be a place that people want to be in? The interior designer can be seen as a choreographer who helps us to find our way in rooms and premises. At the same time, there is a risk that our patterns of movement become overly controlled and we experience the space as limiting. As an artist, she has other access points: how does the space feel in relation to our body? Can we move freely? Is there room for improvisation and freedom of movement? The various roles learn from each other. Regarding the displaced spaces and what she wants to achieve with them, Erika says: “Anything at all can happen. I believe that we are happier when anything at all can happen. We twist our focus and start to play with our sensory impressions. Life becomes less serious. Many of us are so focused on efficiency and results. We become a little happier if we can go around and have experiences, and not feel that we have to perform.” Erika Janunger graduated from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm in 2007 and works as an interior designer with the Tengbom architectural firm and as an independent film and music producer/artist. The exhibition is produced by Falkenberg Museum in cooperation with Erika Janunger. The exhibition is presented in conjunction with Best Biennial 2017, an art festival for the whole family. This year’s theme is CHAOS and for two weeks art institutions, municipalities and independent creatives throughout Skåne offer unexpected experiences in the form of happenings, encounters, exhibitions, workshops etc. Read more >>