Arkitekturstaden Malmö (Malmö, the City of Architecture) is a master plan that clarifies the City of Malmö’s ambitions for how the city’s architectural qualities should be preserved, reinforced and developed, and how various construction projects can contribute to Malmö becoming a closely knit, dense, green and mixed city. After it is adopted by the city council, the plan will guide the City of Malmö’s work on such tasks as project development and decisions on issues that affect public-sector construction projects and administration, detail planning and planning permission.

With this master plan the City of Malmö wants to invite the actors involved in the city’s construction to a dialogue about various construction projects. Nine propositions function as a tool for identifying how each construction project can add values that can benefit Malmö’s residents, the community and the property developers themselves.

The aim is to create everyday environments of good quality that contribute to good health and well-being on all scales and in all parts of the city. At the same time there must also be room for projects of exceptional quality and ones of simpler architecture. The challenge is to ensure the right qualities in the right place and based on the conditions of each project.