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The meeting place for architecture, design and crafts

As an open and inclusive meeting place, we target a broad public of all ages and at the same time constitute a central hub for the design industry. Through exhibitions, program activities, development projects and cross-sectoral collaborations, we mediate and strengthen our subject areas regionally, nationally and internationally.

Female Traces

Our exhibitions

With a focus on the present and the future, our exhibition program aims to make knowledge available and inspiring, but also to provoke conversations about current issues within our subject areas - not least in connection with the designed living environment. In recent years, we have highlighted everything from new innovative materials for infills and spaces for play in the city. The focus is often on processes and sustainability rather than finished results.

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VR-hjälm Bästa biennalen


Every year, Form/Design Center arranges extensive program activities, both based on the exhibitions and on the ongoing cultural and social debate. Through screenings, workshops, lectures and talks, we offer the audience a further in-depth study that promotes dialogue and increased participation. The program activities are often arranged in collaboration with various organizations, academies, business and the public sector.

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Form/Design Center butik

Form/Design Center shop

The shop, located on the first floor and available as a web shop, offers a curated collection of design and crafts. When you shop in our store, you support both local designers and Form/Design Center's operations. All income from the store contributes to creating an open meeting place with exhibitions, program and development projects within architecture, design and crafts.

Web shop
Tidskriftscafé på Form/Design Center

Magazine Café

The Form/Design Center café is located on the first floor of the building. We provide a place to sit in peace and quiet and read magazines, daydream, meet a friend or sit and work for a while. The café offers filter coffee/tea, simple sandwiches, buns and biscuits, most of which we bake ourselves.

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Sea of Sounds_Besök Tegners förskola


Form/Design Center works actively to develop an educational platform aimed at schools. The goal is to give children and young people insight and knowledge about sustainable consumption and production; to show that design can also make a difference and is not just about the looks.

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Industry development

Form/Design Center continuously focuses on creating new opportunities for professional practitioners in architecture, design and crafts. With formats such as Business speed dating and mentoring programs, we contribute to skill development and business networks that pave the way for new collaborations between designers and companies. In 2019, Sveriges Arkitekter established its first regional office outside Stockholm at Form/Design Center in Malmö.

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SPOK bok


Form/Design Center works long-term with sustainability within designed living environment. Through special expertise and a wide network of contacts, we highlight the subject from several different perspectives. With a focus on cross-sectoral collaboration, our development projects contribute with forward-looking knowledge that strengthens the conditions for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Skåne's unique position as part of a transnational region also enables valuable international exchanges where we, as a node, play an important role in the forthcoming transition.

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